At Maya Brothers Inc.

we provide all services necessary to complete your project. Below is a more detailed description of what we can offer.


Foundations are usually where we start a project. Our experienced supervisors will ensure accuracy of your wall layout, anchor bolts and piers. No foundation is too complicated for the Maya Brothers team. We maintain our own warehouse of Symons forms for foundation walls, retaining walls, pit walls and piers. Many times, masonry contractors rely on us to provide building corners after our footers are complete.

Examples of our foundation work include large scale 40’ deep titanium plant pits, large retaining walls, dams, elevated grade beams, elevator pits with walls, below grade and above grade foundation walls and bridges. However, we also easily handle small scale strip footers required for many projects.


Maya Brothers, Inc. has a highly skilled team of concrete finishers and flatwork specialists. We maintain our own Somero S-160 laser screed, trowel machines, riding trowel machines, buggies, soff cut saws and tress screeds. No floor is too big or too small and we regularly pour slabs between 10,000-20,000 square feet. Our largest continuously poured slab on grade on record was 33,000 square feet. Our pouring and finishing crew is sought after by numerous clients and other concrete contractors and general contractors in our area because of our ability to consistently deliver a quality flat slab on grade or slab on deck with a consistent finish, including proper set up, pour, finish, saw cut and cure. No floor is too complicated for us. We have extensive experience with sloped floors, formed trench drain work, structural fibers, large slabs on deck, stair pans and elevated formed floors.

Site Work

The Maya Brothers, Inc. team performs all aspects of cast in place site concrete as well. Curbs are one of our specialties. We maintain our 5700-B power curb machine with an array of molds to handle any curb job. Large parking lots are also our specialty. Structural frost pads, monolithic curb edge sidewalks, handicap ramps, ADA work, installing bollards, light poles, pervious concrete, and decorative concrete are all regular aspects of all our jobs. Our team of finishers understands how the finished product is expected to look and strives to exceed expectations on every job.

Other Services

Maya Brothers, Inc. provides other services as required to successfully complete our projects. No demolition job is too large as we maintain multiple hammers for our excavator fleet. We perform excavation services required for foundations or basements. Additionally, over-excavation and installing structural fill or flowable fill is becoming more prevalent today, and we have done this numerous times. Sub base installation, compaction and backfill of buildings, and excavation for other trades is something we also do.

We can also provide value engineering for contractors and owners. We have extensive experience with many variations in concrete work including mix designs, fiber reinforcement, concrete additives, structural design, how weather conditions affect concrete and we have a unique understanding of how different factors can benefit or harm a job. Our affiliate company, Diamond Designer Concrete, Inc. is a concrete polishing contractor that has afforded us vast experience in working with polished concrete and understanding how to design, pour, and finish a slab that is to be polished.